Cinema Augusta - Current Screeningshttp://www.cinemaaugusta.comCurrent screeening times for Cinema Augustaen-auThu, 16 Aug 2018 20:03:45 +0930Thu, 16 Aug 2018 20:03:45 +0930http://www.cinemaaugusta.comWebb Software Content Management SystemShow Dogs, a macho, solitary Rottweiler police dog is ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious Dog Show, along with his human partner, to avert a disaster from happening.<br/><br/>Screening Times<br/><br/>Fri: 5:00pm-6:32pm<br />Sat: 11:00am-12:32pm<br />Sun: 12:20pm-1:52pm677The Equalizer 2 retired agent who&#039;s a hired gun for vengeance.<br/><br/>Screening Times<br/><br/>Sat: 2:50pm-4:52pm704The Meg escaping an attack by what he claims was a 70-foot shark, Jonas Taylor must confront his fears to save those trapped in a sunken submersible.<br/><br/>Screening Times<br/><br/>Thu: 6:20pm-8:13pm<br />Fri: 8:50pm-10:43pm<br />Sat: 12:40pm-2:33pm, 7:10pm-9:03pm<br />Sun: 4:10pm-6:03pm, 8:30pm-10:23pm<br />Wed: 6:30pm-8:23pm707The Spy Who Dumped Me (Kunis) and Morgan (McKinnon) are best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who dumped her was actually a spy<br/><br/>Screening Times<br/><br/>Thu: 8:30pm-10:27pm<br />Fri: 6:40pm-8:37pm<br />Sat: 5:00pm-6:57pm, 9:20pm-11:17pm<br />Sun: 2:00pm-3:57pm, 6:20pm-8:17pm<br />Wed: 8:40pm-10:37pm708